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Black & Decker The Book of Home Improvement: The Most Popular Remodeling Projects Shown in Full Detail
by Editors of Cool Springs Press
Publisher: Cool Springs Press (11 May 2017)
angol | 560 pages | ISBN-13: 978-0760353561 | ePUB | 121.3 MB

Extra Info:

This comprehensive guide to home improvement includes the top 100 home improvement projects, all in full, step-by-step instruction, and all from the trusted experts at BLACK+DECKER.
Boasting 560 pages of hardworking, how-to instructions and photos, this is quite possibly the only home remodeling you, or any homeowner, will ever need! From basements to attics and everywhere in between, BLACK+DECKER The Book of Home Improvement shows you exactly how to do more than 100 of the most popular improvement projects.
Whether your ambition is as big as remodeling the kitchen down-to-the-studs, or as modest as changing a bathroom faucet, you will find all the guidance you need to do the job right. This giant book is the ultimate resource and trusted advisor for anyone who wants to make the home a better place to live. Not to mention increases its resale value--and all from the experts at Black & Decker.
Just some of the projects covered here are:

Planning a Remodeling Project
Wall, Ceiling & Trim Projects
Floor Projects
Cabinets, Countertops & Storage Projects
Window & Door Projects
Attice & Basement Projects
Kitchen Projects
Bathroom Projects
Room Addition Projects

So stop putting off all the DIY projects that have been piling up! BLACK+DECKER The Book of Home Improvement if the only resource you'll need!

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